PART 1 Binance

*Currently HEYBIT only supports account for auto-trading. Binance.US account holders need to create a separate account at For more detail, please see this article.

STEP 1 - Register Account

Register your Binance account in

STEP 2 - Create API KEY 

2-1) In the Dashboard, click "Manage" button in API.

Enter the label for your API key.

You can create your API Key with 2FA Certification.

2-2) After API Key creation, make sure whether you enable trading and disable withdrawals. Then copy the secret key in somewhere secure for your future reference. Otherwise, the key will be encrypted later.

2-3) Do not use 'Using BNB to pay for fees'. It may result in the dysfunction of bot's trading logic.

STEP 3 - Deposit USDT

You need to deposit USDT (Tether) in your Binance account, which will be the invested asset for the HEYBIT bot.
Since Binance is a crypto-to-crypto exchange, you need to buy the cryptocurrency (ex: BTC) in other fiat-to-crypto exchange like Coinbase and transfer it to Binance.

3-1) Go to and select Spot Wallet (Deposit & Withdraw).

3-2) Then use your "BTC Address" to receive BTC (in the example or another cryptocurrency of your choice) to your Binance account.

Or you may directly purchase BTC or ETH with your credit card at However, the fee is 2.5% so unless you want to save some time for higher fee, use the deposit process.

3-3) Once you have successfully deposited the cryptocurrency at Binance, you purchase USDT with it. For more detail, please check out this youtube tutorial.
Please keep in mind that it may take a while for fund transfer to Binance completed. You can always track it in your transaction history.


STEP 4 - Sign up HEYBIT

4-1) Click "Get Started" in the upper right corner of our website.

4-2) Register the required information to finish the sign up.

STEP 5 - Create HEYBIT Trading Bot

5-1) Choose Binance Exchange and 

5-2) Put API Key (Access Key and Secret Key) created in Step 2

5-3) Name your bot and select the bot strategy depending on your investment preference.

STEP 6 - Check out if the bot is working

6-1) HEYBIT bot creation is complete. If the bot is working properly, the green line will spin around the exchange icon.

6-2) HEYBIT bots keep track of market conditions and start trading when a buy signal occurs. The first trade may begin within minutes if short, typically within a day or two, and in certain circumstances, may not occur for about a week. If the perimeter of the exchange icon is circling with green line, it means that the bot is working fine and there is no further action needed from your side.

6-3) Visit our Help Center for more information. If you would like to contact us, please click the icon at the bottom right of your screen for the chat support or email us at

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