Other trading bot services offer numerous strategies with configuration options which may help some to customize their strategies but may complicate the process for most others.

HEYBIT, on the other hand, offers its signature investment strategy, Volatility Breakout, only which simplifies the bothersome decision-making process.
The strategy comes in three modes with different risk-taking levels.

Here's the backtest result of HEYBIT in Binance exchange for each mode during JAN 1, 2019~MAR 1, 2020.

VB Safe

  • CAGR: 16.46%
  • MDD: 3.91%

VB Balance

  • CAGR: 25.48%
  • MDD: 5.82%

VB Challenge

  • CAGR: 35.06%
  • MDD: 7.69%
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