Unfortunately, not at the moment.
In Binance, there is a global exchange and a local exchange.

Binance.com is the global exchange and Binance.us is the local one.
Currently HEYBIT only supports Binance.com. This is because only the former provides the sufficient liquidity conditions for HEYBIT's trading algorithm to work smoothly.

But don't get too disappointed. There is a way!
Currently, the US users (who already has or verified the account before (Sept.12, 2019) can still continue to use their accounts as usual on Binance.com.
However, since Sept. 12, 2019, new users 1) won't be able to register a new account if accessing from the US and 2) won't be able to verify an account or promote the account to level 2 or higher. 

1)For those who have not registered at Binance.com as of Sept. 12, 2019, then you may need to connect VPN for the access from the US.
2)For those who have registered an account but have not advanced to level 2 or higher (Advanced and Fiat in the below chart), you can still use Binance.com but with some daily withdrawal limit.


If you have any further inquiry, please feel free to contact us at help@heybit.io. 

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