*The process is explained in detail for every step so if followed right, the setup can be completed within 10 minutes!


STEP 1 - Register

1-1) Click "Get Started" on Liquid's official website (https://www.liquid.com/).

1-2) Fill out the below information and click "Sign up"

1-3) Then you will receive the verification mail to the e-mail address you entered. Please click "Confirm Email Address."

STEP 2 - Sign In & Set up 2FA

2-1) Now you move to Liquid website again and complete the Sign in.

2-2) Upon completing the Sign in, it requires you to set up a 2FA Authentication. 

Scan the QR Code by downloading the Google Authenticator app and click "Next."
Then it asks you to save the secret code in a secure place. This is to grant the access to your account in case you lose your device. 

2-3) Enter the 2-step verification code from the Google Authenticator app.

2-4) When you enable the authentication, it shows that your account has gained the "Basic" status with some of its features.
Unless you want to withdraw more than $2,000 a day or a Japanese citizen, the basic account can do the job. However, you can upgrade the account through identity verification process (like uploading your passport information, etc.).
Click "Deposit Crypto."

2-5) Check out some of the policies (if you are curious) and click "Next."

Now you have successfully created an account!

STEP 3 - Deposit Crypto

Japanese nationals can deposit JPY to their Liquid account and start trading with HEYBIT right away. (Fiat-to-Crypto & Crypto-to-Crypto)
However, if you are non-Japanese, you need to send Bitcoin (BTC) to your BTC wallet address. (Crypto-to-Crypto only)

STEP 4 - Create API Token

4-1) Click your Profile in the upper right corner. Then select "Application Settings."

4-2) Select "API Tokens (a.k.a. API Key)" and click "Create API Token."

4-3) In order for HEYBIT's trading bot to work 24/7 for you, you need to grant it the below permissions.

But be aware to leave the Withdrawals permissions unchecked. This means that HEYBIT will not withdraw any of your deposit to elsewhere and will only securely perform trading "within" your Liquid account.

When you are done with the permission setting, please enter your 2FA Code and click "Create Token" button. 

4-4) You have successfully created the API Token! Make sure you save the Token Secret code in a safe place. The Token ID and Secret will be used to give life to HEYBIT trading bot!

You can check the status of all API tokens issued at Liquid as below.


STEP 4 - Sign up HEYBIT

4-1) Click "Get Started" in the upper right corner of our website.

4-2) Register the required information to finish the sign up.

STEP 5 - Create HEYBIT Trading Bot

5-1) Choose "Liquid" for Exchange and

5-2) Put API Key (Token ID for Access Key and Token Secret for Secret Key) created in STEP 2

STEP 6 - Check out if the bot is working

6-1) HEYBIT bot creation is complete. If the bot is working properly, the green line will spin around the exchange icon.

6-2) HEYBIT bots keep track of market conditions and start trading when a buy signal occurs. The first trade may begin within minutes if short, typically within a day or two, and in certain circumstances, may not occur for about a week. If the perimeter of the exchange icon is circling with green line, it means that the bot is working fine and there is no further action needed from your side.

6-3) Visit our Help Center for more information. If you would like to contact us, please click the icon at the bottom right of your screen for the chat support or email us at help_en@heybit.io.

Alpha in Crypto, HEYBIT.
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