If you are interested in the crypto auto-trading, you may already have bumped into a few services.

The problem is there is almost always the fee hurdle.

Upfront Subscription Fee

Most of the time, you need to pay $10 to even $100 per month just to get an access!

If the paid strategy earns at least more than the fee, it's fine. However if it loses, then you have to suffer not only the investment loss, but also on top of that, the fee, rubbing salt in the wound. It really hurts!

Some services offer 7-day free trial, but we believe it's just way too short to experience the ins and outs of a strategy.

HEYBIT got rid of it all together so that anyone can get a taste of alpha without worrying about the fee.

Performance Fee

There is a fairer fee scheme, charging only a portion of the profit made, which is called performance fee.

HEYBIT pride in our performance but still believe it has far more to prove so until we can make more solid performance, we decided to waive this fee as well.

Take Advantage of our Zero Fee Policy Now.

HEYBIT seeks alpha with no fee hurdle, taking no cut of that profit as commission. It means all the profit made by HEYBIT is entirely yours.

We offer this zero fee policy during the open beta version. So before it's too late, make the most out of it while it lasts!

*HEYBIT fee does not include the trading fee charged by the exchange of your choice. Please check Binance or Liquid fee schedule for this.

*You may be subject to taxation depending on the country of your residency.

*In case of charging fee due to the end of open beta period, HEYBIT will notify in advance.

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