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[Notice] Pre-notice on the closing of VB+ strategy
[Notice] Pre-notice on the closing of VB+ strategy

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Hello, this is HEYBIT team.

We would like to announce the closing of our free strategy product "VB+".

Since the launch of our new strategy product "ForeFront (FF)," we have had intense internal discussion on whether to continue providing VB+. The question we asked ourselves was "is it right for us to provide the users with a clearly underperforming strategy compared to FF." Even considering the performance fee, FF has shown noticeable superiority in terms of return generating and loss minimizing abilities compared to VB+. Therefore, after numerous considerations and reviews, we have decided to close VB+ to focus our resource to improve the algorithm of FF and to expand it beyond Binance.

The closing schedule is as follows:

  • Restrict VB+ bot creation: Mar. 8 (MON)

  • Restrict the buying function of the VB+ bot: Mar. 15 (MON) 00:00

  • Liquidate all long positions by the bot: Mar. 15 (MON) 00:00~23:59

  • Close VB+: Mar. 16 (TUE) 00:00

*Date/Time: KST

The currently activated bots will stop buying and only execute selling according to the algorithm as of 00:00 of Mar. 15th (MON), KST. (As the assets bought by the bot will normally be sold within 24 hours, all the assets will be liquidated after 24 hours.)

Please consider this schedule for your future asset management. And we recommend you to delete the API keys issued at your exchange (ex: Binance) for the auto-trading of VB+ to minimize any security concern.

We would like to thank you for your trust and interest in VB+ and would like to ask for your continuous support and interest with the release of FF in new crypto exchanges.

If you have any inquiry, please contact our chat support or via

Thank you.

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