Hello, this is HEYBIT.

Thanks to your trust and support, ForeFront(FF) for Binance has been quickly sold out and now we are preparing for the expansion of FF to another global exchange Huobi around June, 2021.

For those of you who are waiting till its official release, we are opening a pre-release event in which you can get the fee discount for FF for Huobi. Hope many of you can book your FF slot with the fee discount benefit!

■ How to Participate

  1. [Submit a form] Press the "Participate" button below to submit a application form

  2. [Wait for winner notification] HEYBIT will randomly select winners for the fee discount prize at the end of each month

■ Event Detail

  • Period (KST): Mar. 8, 2021 ~ Release date*

*The exact date for the release of FF for Huobi is subject to change

  • Prize: Performance fee discount (10%p)

  • Winner: Select 10 from the applicants whose submitted future investment amount to FF for Huobi exceeds 4,000 USDT

  • Winner notification time: end of each month

>> How much is "10% Fee Discount" worth? <<

If you invest 10,000 USDT on FF for Huobi and get 10% fee discount, it has the value of about 256 USDT!

For example, upon the release of FF for Huobi, if you invest 10,000 USDT for 180 days and makes 102.5% in profit (assuming the return rate of FF for Binance from Nov. 2, 2020 to Mar. 3, 2021),

  • Profit: 10,250 USDT

  • Performance fee (25% of the profit): 2,563 USDT

  • Discounted fee (10% of the profit): 256 USDT

  • Final fee (15% of the profit): 2,207 USDT

■ Cautions

  • You must enter the email address of your HEYBIT account, used during the registration process.

  • You may apply multiple times but may win 1 time only.

  • The higher investment amount you submitted in the form, the better the winning chance.

  • If your actual investment amount (after the release of FF for Huobi) is below the submitted amount, the fee discount will not be applied.

  • Fee discount is applied only for FF for Huobi and not for FF for Binance. It applies only once for the first investment term (180 days).

  • If the service is not released or if you do not deposit within a month of the release date, the discount benefit is no longer valid.

  • The content of the event may vary by the nationality you chose during HEYBIT registration process.

  • This event is organized by HEYBIT and has no direct connection to Huobi exchange.


  • Can FF for Binance users also participate in this event?

→ Yes

  • Is FF for Huobi different from FF for Binance in terms of its investment strategy?

→ No, the basic scheme of the strategy is same only the exchange which the

strategy is run is different.

  • Do I need to register and create account at Huobi exchange?

→ No, just like FF for Binance, HEYBIT creates the account on behalf of you.

So no need to make one yourself in advance.

  • Is there anything I should do before the official release of FF for Huobi?

→ On the day of the release, log-in to HEYBIT and create your FF for Huobi bot.

Once you deposit the asset, it will start trading automatically. (If you have won

fee discount and deposit the amount above your submitted amount) The fee

discount will be applied. (Winners will be separately notified)

If you have any further inquiry regarding the vent, please contact our chat support or help_en@heybit.io.

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