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[ Launch Event] 10% Performance Fee Discount
[ Launch Event] 10% Performance Fee Discount
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This is Crypto Roboadvisor HEYBIT.

To commemorate the launch of our new website domain, "", we would like to have the performance fee discount event for those of you who use the ForeFront (FF) Strategy.

How can I get the benefit?

  • Period: Now ~ Oct. 15th, 2021 (SGT)

  • Eligibility: All the users who satisfy the following conditions at

    • deposit more than 1,000 USDT to FF by Oct 15th

    • invest the deposit amount for longer than a week (meaning no early termination within a week)

      * Once you achieve the above conditions, the discounted fee rate will be applied even when you terminate the contract earlier than 6 months (however, early termination fee will still be applied)

  • Benefit: 10% discount on the performance fee of ForeFront for a FF contract term of 6 months

How much does that benefit worth for me?

It is hard to say for everyone because each user's deposit amount will be different.

Let's say you deposit and invest with 10,000 USDT for 6 months and say the return for the next 6 months will be 50%.

Gross Profit

10,000 USDT x 50% = 5,000 USDT

Net Profit

  • With 25% performance fee: 5,000 USDT x (1-0.25) = 3,750 USDT

  • With 15% performance fee: 5,000 USDT x (1-0.15) = 4,250 USDT

So in this case, the benefit of the discount will be 500 USDT! If the return performance is double, then your benefit will be doubled at 1,000 USDT.

Please keep in mind that the actual benefit amount will differ based on how much you deposit/invest and how well FF performs.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in us and looking forward to your continuous support.

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